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About Us

Welcome to KidsKnowBest, the online media platform for all things kids related!

KidsKnowBest is an online review platform where children can voice their opinions on the latest food, toys, movies, apps and viral trends. We provide a platform for kids around the UK to give an honest and entertaining insight into the things that matter to the whole family.

Last summer, having ran out of ideas, I begrudgingly took my daughters to the cinema to see a film that had just been slated in the nationals. Going in expecting the worst, I left with two very excited two girls who had seen a movie they absolutely loved!

Then it dawned on me: to make the right choices for my kids, and our family as a whole, wouldn't it be great to hear the opinions of others their age first? You wouldn't get a child to review a car, so why get an adult to review something that wasn't targeted at them in the first place?

KidsKnowBest was born.

At KidsKnowBest we want to create a community where families can interact with our content. You'll be able to upload your own reviews, leave positive comments, and tailor recommendations to your child's age and interests.”