Following the success of previous projects, including ‘The Core Story’, the guys over at Aardman have again partnered up with children’s charity NSPCC. They are bringing to life the fun mobile game ‘Playtime with the Pantosaurus’, to teach your little ones how to remain safe from abuse. The game intends to teach children crucial messages in their development in a fun and interactive way, such as that their body belongs to them and if they feel unsafe they should not be ashamed to alert the attentions of an adult.

Throughout the years, the NSPCC have become one of the key figures in promoting the safety of children in the U.K., from generating awareness of abuse, both physically and emotionally (58,000 children in the United Kingdom were reported as requiring protection in 2016), to actively working with those in need and educating them on what they can do to prevent the dangers that are put upon them.

As a family-orientated brand here at KidsKnowBest, we think it is great that well-known establishments, such as Aardman, support the great work that the NSPCC have done down the years in protecting our beloved little ones from living in unsafe environments. The safety of our children should always be paramount to us as adults and it is heart breaking to see so many young people out there living in fear, without knowing who and how to reach out to, that’s why campaigns and projects such as this hold so much value in today’s society.

The game itself is a brilliant concept, in-between a series of thrilling games of diving and basketball, each principle of ‘PANTS’ is introduced, teaching kids some important messages which they must always remember when approached by an adult with an ulterior motive, such as ‘No means No!’ and not to keep secrets that upset you bottled up. Playtime with the Pantosaurus will contribute to providing children the correct education on their well-being in a fun manner and will allow them to know that they are not alone when it comes to abuse.

Test your skills against the Pantosaurus now!