Bumblebee is the first prequel of the Transformers franchise and it looks like there will be plenty more to come. A fantastic film for all the family led by the brilliant, Hailee Steinfeld, that will surely be a monster hit this Christmas.

We are first introduced to Bumblebee in a lot of trouble on planet Cybertron and Bee is shot off to planet earth to seek safety and the hope that the good guys of the autobot world can later regroup away from the carnage that is their home.

Unfortunately, Bee lands right in the middle of an army training camp and is set upon by the Agent Burns (John Cena) led troops. Bee can not escape and is neutralised, ending up in a car yard, reduced to a cute and damaged yellow VW Beetle.

Steinfeld plays Charlie, a girl who has is struggling to come to terms with the death of her Father. She needs something to help with the pain and that comes via the purchase of this rusty old car. Whilst working on bringing it back to life in the garage she used to work in with her father, Bumblebee does exactly that. The cute and shy, Bee forms a strong bond with Charlie despite slightly differing music tastes.

The 1980s set film is supported by a superb soundtrack and when The Smiths comes on, you can only fall more in love with their blossoming friendship. However, as Bumblebee is now back in action, it sends a signal back to Cybertron, which leads to two evil Decepticons on a mission to destroy Bee as the traitor they consider it is.

What follows are incredible battle scenes, a defiant family, young love and a government putting trust in something they shouldn’t have. This is a perfect film for the festive period and we highly recommend it for all ages.

The ending will have you excited for the next one. Bumblebee preview screenings start on the 15th December, with a nationwide release on the 21st.