Nick Park’s latest feature film is a wonderfully enjoyable and laugh out loud funny look back to the prehistoric age. A lot of hilarious one liners and a fantastic array of characters gifts us a glorious family romp of a movie.

Early Man begins in a dark, grey, volcanic mordor like landscape filled with dinosaurs, . You could be forgiven for thinking that the living caveman are doomed to a life of insect eating and gigantic predator avoidance. However, the game of football is invented and life becomes a bit more bearable thanks to the beautiful game.

Fast Forward a few years and we meet the cavemen in a much more luscious landscape. Eddie Redmayne voices Dug, an enthusiastic, loveable young caveman with his trusty Hog, Hognob, always at this side. The impossibly bumptious Lord Nooth, Tom Hiddleston, wants it all. His bronze obsession knows no bounds and if finding new bronze means obliterating the gorgeous valley landscape then that is exactly what will happen.

A series of unfortunate events lead to Dug having to take on the position of goalkeeper during a game up in the empire that Lord Nooth is overseeing. Needless to say this does not end well as Dug has never played before. To avoid being sentenced to death he proposes a game of football to save his caveman tribe’s home from being a victim of Lord Nooth’s bronze obsession.

Maisie Williams voices Goona, who comes to the very much needed help of Dug and his tribe. She is an inspiring young woman who’s coaching feats are nothing short of miraculous. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. They are ready for the big game.

What ensues is a rip roaring thriller of a game filled with goals, hilarious instant replays involving handcrafted miniature figures, glorious commentary from a funny pair voiced by Rob Brydon, and an outrageous refereeing decision. Lord Nooth seeks to the lowest measures when he envisages terrible consequences from the Queen who is sat glaring at him and his stupid decision.

The highlights of the film are Rob Brydon’s fantastic message bird scenes. Expertly animated and portrayed with the sass and fury that the Queen would no doubt wish to portray to the cowardly Lord Nooth.

Nick Park voices/ growls the unexpected hero of the day, Hobnob. And how deserving he is of taking centre stage as his latest creation is another triumph which will be loved by families everywhere.

We took some lucky kids to see the film. Check out their thoughts.