As if the cast for Beatrix Potter’s iconic Peter Rabbit movie wasn’t star-studded enough, James Cordon, Rose Bryne and Daisy Riddley to name just a few, fans have been introduced to yet another superstar.

Following the introduction of Flopsy, voiced by none other than Margot Robbie, earlier in the week, we have today been treated to the latest glimpse of the movie and who it will feature. Mopsy, voiced by Robbie’s fellow Australian Elizabeth Debicki, is the eldest of the bunny triplets, with somewhat high-intelligence to match her feisty approach to life.

With the movie set to hit the big screen in March, anticipation is beginning to ramp up ahead of Peter’s long awaited cinematic debut, so expect to see more characters being introduced throughout the coming weeks! If you don’t think you can possibly wait until the big release, you can always check out the full feature-length trailer to give you your Peter Rabbit fix.

And with no further ado, we now present to you Elizabeth Debicki, as she introduces her character, Mopsy!

Peter Rabbit hits the cinemas nationwide on March 16th