We took our kids to a special preview screening of the latest stop-motion blockbuster from Nick Park and the Aardman team. Needless to say there was great excitement amongst the whole team. The ages ranged from young Archie at 5, to Nancy at 12.

The anticipation was growing on the journey to Picturehouse Central;

Lucy, 11 - 'I think it will be more fun than it would have been back then.'

Archie, 5 - 'I like the look of the film. I think it's going to be great.'

Who was your favourite character;

Fabien, 11 - 'Dug, the main character and I liked it when he gave everybody confidence.'

Nancy, 12 - 'Goona, as she was the first girl on the football team and was really inspiring.'

Archie - 'The bird because he threw things at the King's face.'