Magic Box Toys, the collectible toy specialists behind Star Monsters, Zomlings and SuperZings have released SuperZings Series 2.

Continuing the same popular ‘hero vs villain’ format of Series 1 using everyday objects and food as collectible characters, Series 2 brings exciting new additions, changes and range expansions which are sure to swell the SuperZings fever that swept the UK when Series 1 launched in January.

Clad in iconic superhero capes and eye masks, there are 80 new multi-coloured characters to collect, each with a matching ‘rival’ including the ultra rare Professor K, 2 gold, 6 silver and 24 ‘SuperCrystal’ characters – a brand new finish which kids will love to collect! Hideouts continue for Series 2 with a new cylindrical shape divided into two chambers and colourful sticker decals to heighten to the collectability factor.

SuperZings vehicles get a refresh in Series 2 in the form of a range of SuperJets – motorbike, boat, helicopter and quad, eight to collect in a variety of different colours. Also in the range are a £7 Blister Pack containing a crystal SuperBlaster, a £10 Blister pack of ten characters including an ultra rare gold SuperZing and a Cyber Tin- a special range of SuperZings all with a cyber theme.

At KidsKnowBest, we love a collectable and we know a lot of our young team do as well. So, we are delighted to announce that you can win the WHOLE collection. Head over to our facebook page for a chance to win.