It’s almost here! That’s right people, within the blink of an eye, Halloween is upon us! The celebration of darkness has become one of the most popular traditions that the nation has adopted, with both parents and kids getting into the spirit. So, whilst you’re taking a break from carving away at pumpkins, get the popcorn out the cupboard, turn the lights off, put your feet up and stick on one of these timeless classic Halloween movies, set to bring some chills and spills to the whole family!

Hocus Pocus

First hitting our screens in 1993, this Disney classic, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, has become an all-time cult classic amongst fans. More than 300 years after the three sister-witches Winifred, Mary and Sarah had been sentenced to death for practising witchcraft, they are brought back to life by Max, a teenage boy who has recently moved to the area, whom is persuaded into lighting a sacred black-flamed candle by his little sister and the girl of his dreams, Alison. The aforementioned candle had been a cursed by the Witches prior to their executions, that should it be lit on Hallows’ Eve, this would see them resurrected. From this point on, this movie becomes non-stop action! As the Witches set about making Max’s sassy-mouthed little sister, Dani, the next victim of their ‘Youth Spell’, which must be completed by sun-rise or they will be banished for ever. This sets up an epic chase between the Witches and the gang, who guided by the immortal and charming cat Binx, must use their wits to defeat the three and restore normality!

An absolute must-watch and right at the top of our list here at KidsKnowBest, is it really Halloween if you haven’t watched Hocus Pocus?

Monster House

One of the absolute best animations of all time! DJ, a twelve-year old boy who’s parents have left him with his nasty Nanny for the weekend, has been spying on his neighbour, Mr. Nebbercracker, whom is believed to have ate his wife, who confiscates anything that lands of his lawn, including DJ’s best friend Chowders Basketball, in which he seemingly suffers a heart attack whilst telling the duo off. However, that evening, with Nebbercracker in hospital, DJ receives a call from his house with nobody on the other end! The next morning see’s the boys introduced to Jenny, who they stop from being ate by the house. With nobody believing the gang, it’s down to them to save the day and rescue Mr. Nebbercracker from the clutches from his possessed house, which is the spirit of his late wife!

A thrilling and hilarious family watch, if you haven’t already seen this then it is a must!

Hotel Transylvania

Staring Adam Sandler & Selena Gomez, amongst other superstars, this hilarious animation is an absolutely fantastic movie which you just have to watch this Halloween! The story follows Dracula, who after feeling uncomfortable in the human world, invites a number of his monster friends, including Uncle Frank (Frankenstein), to stay at his monsters only hotel to celebrate the 118th birthday of his daughter, when unexpectedly, an ordinary 21-year-old human-being walks into the hotel. This laugh-out-loud tale follows Dracula’s attempts to prevent his daughter falling for Jonathan, in epically comical fashion.

So, if you are at a loose end this Halloween period, we highly recommend giving Hotel Transylvania a watch!


Another timeless classic! Based on the beloved cartoon character, Casper the Friendly Ghost, this film made movie history by becoming the first ever film to have a fully CGI character starring in the leading role! Casper, a gentle ghostly figure, lives in an abandoned mansion house alongside his three ignorant uncles. When a greedy woman hires DR. Harvey, a ghost therapist, to remove Casper and his uncles from the mansion, in order for her to collect some lost treasure at the house, Casper finds himself falling madly in love with DR. Harvey’s daughter, Kat. This leads to Kat and Casper seeking to uncover the secret which will bring him back to life, which will allow them to be together.

A heart-warming and charming movie, this is right up there with some of the greatest movies of all time, so treat yourself to some amazing viewing this Halloween!

So get yourself in the Halloween spirit this year and treat your eyes to some unbelievable movies for the entire family to enjoy!