With streaming services now very much a huge part of our daily video intake, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the pros and cons of what these have to offer. Each platform has it’s perks and the array of choices is absolutely fantastic, so is a streaming service for you?

Pro: You can now literally watch any program or film anywhere. On your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop whatever. You can download programs in advance of a long journey so you don’t even have to use your data.

Con: It takes away from the occasion of sitting down and watch a film. The great thing about going to watch a film is the event itself. A set time, a collective excitement, popcorn etc etc. You miss out on that.

Pro: Almost all series that are on streaming sites come as a full package. I.e you can watch every single episode straight away. This is great and certainly makes for a great Sunday night in when it's dark and cold outside.

Con: As you power through series, you miss out on detail and that weekly excitement. It is easy to watch 4 episodes on the spin and with that you can not be in sync with any friends watching the same show. So you do not get that weekly conversation and excitement about the latest episode at the playground or in the office.

Pro: Some of the greatest TV shows are now going to streaming sites. They have massive production budgets and now compete with all the big digital channels.

Con: It may be diluting the quality of the TV on the not-so-big channels. Which will inevitably lead to even more of the horrific reality show offerings we are being polluted with.

Whether you like streaming services or not, they are here to stay. Some of the content is amazing and has really upped the bar for new TV show creations. Just try and get to your local cinema every now and then for the ultimate viewing experience.