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Myriam White


Seaweed for Kids


  • As part of their healthy snack selection, Itsu sells seaweed thins. After hearing positive feedback from parents whose kids enjoy the snack, we helped them to develop a research study to help create a product geared towards children.


  • Our research study consisted of compiling a group of child testers who were presented with potential new flavours.
  • The video content not only gave Itsu unrivalled, honest feedback, but provided an entertaining way to observe the data. 

“We were trying to think of ways to show how much kids loved seaweed (a pretty unusual snack!) and Kids Know Best did exactly that – real-life reactions of children eating it & loving it! Rob knew exactly how to interact with the children giving them confidence and making them laugh. The final video is brilliant – I’d definitely recommend them!”

Georgina Carter, Brand Manager


  • By partnering with us,  Itsu was able to definitively conclude that a new seaweed creation would appeal to a younger target demographic.
  • Itsu was able to use the video footage to make video brochures which they sent out with samples to buyers. Following the campaign they’re launching their newly tested kid’s seaweed into the market this autumn.

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