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With Smyths Toys, we have an ongoing strategic content partnership to create original and engaging visual content that reaches a new young audience.

We do our most innovative, optimal audience-reaching and prevailing content with our partnerships where our personal missions align: sharing stories and ideas with families and kids.

With Smyths Toys we’re growing an inspiring community and building a diverse partnership of content creation and an array of providers.

Content for Exclusive Partners


  • To increase digital awareness and sales for products with a launch solely exclusive to Smyths Toys


  • With full creative control, we produced campaign storyboards accurately to brief, and got full consent to go ahead. 
  • We wanted to demonstrate the ease of play along with natural reactions. After extensive research with our handpicked ‘video testers’, we realised this was a style that appealed to both parents and kids.


  • Targeted at girls aged 5-12, SNAPSTARs are dolls in an immersive world of fashion, fun and frivolity – so we gathered the most trend-setting girls in our talent pool to try the product out.
  • In the studio we used bright colours to mirror the boldness of the toys. We captured our testers’ genuine first reaction to the dolls, and their enjoyment as they played and acted out their own stories in a natural way.


Harry Potter Cloak

  • For a product that was aimed for ages 9 and up, we auditioned kids in the second half of our age-range spectrum, and who were more aware of the brand. Additionally, we sourced two influencers we represent from our creator pool to push reach.
  • Again, we offered viewers insights on how to use the app with the toy for the real magical experience whilst the kids adopted true wizard characteristics with their friends on camera.



  • We’ve developed a long-term content strategy partnership with Smyths Toys, centred around original and effective digital content. 

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